How To Learn Car Driving For Learners 2022

How To Learn Car Driving For Learners

How To Learn Car Driving For Learners 2022- hi are you looking to learn car driving then you are on right track, here we explain all keys to lean car driving, so let’s start →

Car Driving Tips for Beginners, Ladies, First Time Learners

Initial Set-Up

1. First and Foremost in Car Driving

. Drive the car before attempting  Know about clutch plate, brake, how to change gear and brakes, and clutch plate position to get the car to slow down. It’s Important to understand in Difference between Brake Pedal and Accelerator

Trust Driving Car is very easy if you are able to concentrate on the road and feel to drive it

3. An observation. Observe your family members’ seating positions, steering wheel handling, how smoothly they press the brakes, and how often they change Fast seatbelt before you start the engine.

Starting To Stopping The Car

4. Starting the car is the first step and what more if you start and take the first acceleration smoothly. Our personal recommendation for initial learning. Ensure that Gear is on Neutral –

» Switch on the ignition

» Put Left Foot on the clutch plate completely

» Time to Change Gear by Shift from neutral to first gear with your Left Foot releasing the clutch slowly your right foot press the accelerator.

» Hold the Steering Wheel as mentioned in the picture

Hurray !! the car has started moving. You can slightly increase the speed and shift gear to 2nd gear by again pressing the clutch plate and shifting to second gear using the left leg and from the right leg pressing the accelerator slightly

5. Remember, It’s not Car Racing Competition. Slow Drive is a Safe Drive. Be Cool and Relax and Follow Lane Driving Approach

6. You can accelerate or slow down by again pressing the Clutch Plate – a change in gear and releasing pressure from the clutch with simultaneous foot pressure on acceleration

Here is recommended Gear Shift Change in Petrol Cars

Accelerate – UpShift Slow Down – Downshift
SpeedGear ShiftsSpeedGear Shifts
Move Car from 0 1st Gear35 KmphDown Shift to 4th Gear
10 to 12 KmphShift to 2nd Gear25 KmphDown Shift to 3rd Gear
20 to 22 KmphShift to 3rd Gear15 KmphDown Shift to 2nd Gear
30 to 35 KmphShift to 4th Gear10 KmphDown Shift to 1st Gear
40 to 45 KmphShift to 5th Gear

7. Obey Traffic Signals, Rules and keep a distance from a car in your front ahead. Don’t frequently change lanes and don’t make sudden and jack down the speed of the car

8.  Avoid Attending Mobile Phone Calls – It seriously diverts attention. Overtaking should be done with knowledge.

9. Do not attempt to change gears very frequently. Like in a split of seconds some people change gears numerous times. Try to maintain a speed depending on traffic condition


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