Loban (2022)

What is Loban Made Of?

which is also known as Guggal, dhoop, etc In different languages is made from the resin of the tree which is extracted by making an incision in the stem or bark of the tree.

What do you Say loban in English?

A Hindi name, Benzoin is an English name for loban. According to religious text, the burning loban is one of the finest energy purifiers in the atmosphere & Prevent Negative Energy.

Side Effects of Loban?

Loban has many Benefits but in some cases, there are disadvantages also.

Gum Benzoin is a fragrant balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees in the genus Styrax. Crystals are burnt in places of worship throughout the Indian sub-continent for the holy, sanctified atmosphere the smoke creates.

The Gum Benzoin tree (Styrax benzoin) is native to the tropical reaches of Java, Sumatra, and Thailand. The resin, also called gum benjamin, has a vanilla-like aroma and is harvested by making triangular incisions into the tree’s bark to establish a flow, which then hardens into lumps when exposed to air and sunlight. Benzoin is used in the perfume industry as a fixative, slowing the dispersion of essential oils and other fragrant materials into the air.

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